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Project Management


As a successful part of The RoadPacker Group - L.C.H. has recognised a unique project management market niche within international housing and community development projects, associated with an increasing demand for low cost housing. The need is greatest for community re-development projects as a result of environmental disasters or as a component of economic reform programmes.

The expertise of company personnel in providing project planning and management, allows L.C.H. the ability to provide total project management services for not only housing construction, but also total infrastructure design and construction.

Products and Technology

L.C.H. brings both the construction expertise and practical chemical and mechanical products of L.C.H. and RoadPacker International Ltd. to support low cost re-development projects. L.C.H. has international license agreements for such products as the ionic soil binding chemical, RoadPacker Clay Brick Stabiliser and the technology of their own Stabilised Earth Brick Machine (SEB). Both components of the technology are very effective in providing low cost housing.

L.C.H. has an ongoing product and technology assessment program to identify, license and market Canadian and international products and technologies for low cost community re-development projects.

Sustainable Communities


L.C.H. has developed a management and field team of knowledgeable personnel who understand that the total success of a community re-development project, depends on the ability of the community to be sustainable. That successful planning involves the people who will live and work within the community. As a result of this understanding to design for successful sustainability, L.C.H. has developed a social and community affairs assessment and auditing model, which is utilised as both a planning and monitoring component for community re-development projects.

Integrated Team Approach

L.C.H. has developed a planning process that understands the benefits of a concept referred to as social engineering. Social, environmental and community affairs experts, form a strong component of the planning and master plan development team. Utilising assessment models, the planning team integrates various 25 year regional land use scenarios into the master plan. This process allows for a higher level of confidence in the design of a master plan.

Capital Budget Forecasting

L.C.H. provides the expertise and data base systems for accurate capital budget forecasting. To support these budget programs L.C.H. has in place personnel experienced with international product and service contract negotiations

Pride of Ownership

L.C.H. recognises the benefits, both in lowering costs and successful community development, of utilising future home owners and community members in constructing their own homes and communities. A viable asset in providing low cost community re-development housing, is the utilisation of this labour force.

Viability of Micro-Enterprises

The success of community re-development is the capability of the planning team to integrate small businesses or micro-enterprises into the master plan. To provide a sustainable community both business and work needs must be considered. This is especially true in agricultural areas where small plots of land are the key to household economic survival.

Corporate Management Team

L.C.H. obviously does not maintain offices around the world. We have however, through many years of experience and operations throughout the world, built up a vast network of highly experienced individuals of uncommon talent and achievement, working together smoothly and quietly in well-disciplined teams.


This allows L.C.H. to work quickly and efficiently on behalf of a client, to bring about a satisfactory and profitable conclusion to any venture they may decide to pursue.

The key L.C.H. management team consists of senior personnel who represent an integrated team with capabilities in environmental planning, design and engineering. The variability within their professional backgrounds and also their collective expertise, provides a strong team for community re-development projects. The talents of the experts available to expedite a client's requirements are without doubt, evidenced in their CVs that may be made available upon request and detail their recent and past accomplishments.

Environment, Health and Safety Training Programs

L.C.H. integrates environmental, health and safety programmes into all community re-development projects. All supervisors, contractors and personnel are provided environmental, health and safety training programmes prior to commencement of any construction work.

International Partnerships and Financing


The L.C.H. management team's capabilities include the ability to find and develop international partnerships. This management team is currently concentrating on partnerships in the Philippines, China, India, Venezuela, Mexico and Nigeria where their knowledge of these country's governments, construction industries and re-development programmes, provide the formulae for successful business ventures.

The type of financing for re-development projects is the key to the successful completion of a re-development project. The L.C.H. management team provides the expertise to utilise Canadian government financial assistance and, acquire contracts funded by international aid and banking institutions.

The primary purpose of the L.C.H./RoadPacker Stabilised Earth Brick (SEB) technology is to produce low cost housing for the poor of any country where there is a distinct lack of conventional housing. It's biggest advantage is that it is immediate. Not only can this procedure be used in creating new communities of a permanent nature, it can be used in the event of a disaster being declared due to typhoons, flooding, earthquakes and any other disaster that renders people homeless. The benefits of this system of home building is that a disaster rescue unit does not need many raw materials to immediately move into a declared disaster area and begin to provide the rudimentary requirements for a community to return to a position of normalcy.

By the simple movement of several mobile L.C.H. Compacted Earth Brick Machines into a disaster area, the local government people can immediately begin to produce homes, schools and even hospitals to accommodate the homeless population. All that is required is a L.C.H. Stabilised Earth Brick Machine, some RoadPacker Clay Brick Stabiliser product and the local insitu soil. If there is already a machine in place and an adequate supply of RoadPacker Clay Brick Stabiliser, then reconstruction of the country's infrastructure can begin immediately. Should the equipment not be in place, then the L.C.H. Stabilised Earth Brick Machine and the RoadPacker Clay Brick Stabiliser can be brought into the area as emergency relief equipment. Another option is to move in the finished material from an off-site location.

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