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Cebu, Philippines – A Low Cost Housing Construction Project

Cebu, Philippines was named the country's capital by the Spaniards in 1565 and has been a bustling trade port since pre-Hispanic times. Since that time, Cebu has been able to maintain its stature as the centre of trade and commerce in Southern Philippines.

Cebu is equally well known these days for its deployment of low cost housing using what are known as either Compressed Earth Blocks (CEBs) or Stabilized Earth Bricks (SEBs) such as are supplied by Low Cost Housing International Ltd. (LCH).

To ensure that this project indeed provided low priced and affordable housing, the Cebu project used CEBs/SEBs and micro-concrete roof-tiles. Although these materials are genuinely low-cost; the houses do not look “low-cost” at all - as can be seen from the range of images and pictures shown below.

CEB’s are walling elements that are produced from a mixture of soil, a high % of cement and water, and compressed by a manual or hydraulic press with a maximum nominal compaction force of 8 tons. See the range of LCH/HF brick making machines. Special moulds are available for beams, columns and electric wires. Special bricks may be made for multi-storey buildings.

SEB’s on the other hand use a relatively low amount of cement and other energy intensive products and a small amount of RoadPacker Clay Brick Stabiliser which greatly increases the strength of the Stabilised Bricks and renders them completely impervious to water. The bricks are made of ordinary insitu clayey soil rather than sand and gravel which goes to show that the use of the appropriate LCH technology is commercially viable.

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Many other commercial developers have already shown their interest in using the same LCH Technology approach for their own projects. Please contact us directly if you think we can help you with your low cost building project. We have many designs available for you to chose from.